Radio Frequency Safety Training Courses
for Users & Radiation Safety Officers

The on-site radio frequency (RF) safety training courses provided by High-Rez Diagnostics cover that part of the electromagnetic spectrum from 3 kHz to 300 GHz. Upon being furnished with the sources and frequencies of the RF emitters used at your facility, a significant degree of presentation customization will be provided at no additional cost. 50 & 60 Hz bioeffects will be presented upon request. The presenter, Dr. Hughes, has significant hands-on experience with a wide variety of RF equipment and has lectured on RF safety and carried out RF safety classes and surveys for more than 20 years.

Both on- and off-site RF safety consulting services are offered by HRD. These services include carrying out hazard analyses calculations and conducting RF safety surveys.

Customized Training for:

  • Users of RF sources and systems
  • Manufacturers of RF equipment
  • Radiation Safety Officers and other health/safety professionals
  • RF maintenance personnel

Courses Designed to Meet:

  • IEEE/ANSI C95.1 requirements for RF safety training
  • User or manufacturing unique safety requirements
  • DoD-unique requirements

General Flow of Topics:

  • Sources of RF radiation
  • Near and far field characteristics of RF radiation
  • RF radiation/tissue interaction mechanisms (bioeffects)
  • Maximum permissible exposure levels (origins, applications and limits of understanding)
  • Exposure survey and monitoring equipment
  • Maximum induced and contact currents
  • Control measures and safe operating procedures
  • Ancillary hazards including electrical, x-ray (ordinance and fuels when appropriate)

Detailed topical outlines and a quote for training are available upon request.

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