Laser Safety Training Courses
for Laser Users & Laser Safety Officers

The on-site laser safety training courses offered by High-Rez Diagnostics provide a cost-effective way to train your laser personnel and laser safety officers. (Let the trainer do the traveling!) The presenter, Dr. Hughes, has lectured on laser safety for more than 25 years and has a wealth of hands-on laser experience as evidenced by his 28 publications and the 23 patents he holds. As indicated on the home page, the classes are customized so that emphases are placed on the specific lasers used or manufactured at your facility. Both initial and refresher training are provided with the latter being significantly shorter than the initial training.

Both on- and off-site consulting services are offered by HRD. Included in these services are developing facility-unique laser safety programs, performing complete hazard analyses for specific lasers and laser systems, direct and scattered beam containment studies, and conducting laser safety surveys.

Customized Training for:

  • Laser users
  • Laser manufacturers
  • Laser safety officers
  • Laser maintenance personnel

Courses Designed to Meet:

  • Laser safety training requirements as stipulated in ANSI Z136
  • Unique user or manufacturing safety requirements
  • DoD-unique and state/federal requirements

General Flow of Topics:

  • Characteristics of optical radiation
  • Lasers and laser emission characteristics
  • Laser beam/tissue interaction mechanisms (bioeffects)
  • Maximum permissible exposures
  • Laser accidents/incidents
  • Laser classification
  • Control measures
  • Laser safety eyewear requirements
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Nominal hazard zone
  • Ancillary hazards
  • Medical surveillance

Detailed topical outlines and a quote for training are available upon request.

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