Laser and Electro-Optics
Technology Training Courses

Laser and Electro-Optics Technology is a 4-day course taught on site. All laser types are presented along with the theory upon which these lasers are based. Laser emission characteristics are discussed in detail. The emphases on electro-optics will be upon the variety of means of manipulating laser beams (e.g., Q-switching, deflecting/directing, modulating, and focusing). Electro-optics will be presented in the broad sense in that it includes the electro-optic, magneto-optic and acousto-optic effects. An abbreviated listing of the topics presented in this course follows. (A detailed topical outline will be provided upon request.)

  • An Introduction to Optics and Optical Phenomena
  • Lasers (media, optical cavities and excitation sources)
  • Lasing (threshold, the process, the laser as an oscillator, etc.)
  • Emission characteristics (spatial, spectral, temporal, coherence, energy and power and efficiency)
  • Lasers by type (solid state, gas, liquid, metal vapor, free-electron and x-ray)
  • Electro-optical effect and its applications
  • Acousto-optical effects and their applications
  • Photorefractive effect
  • Optical Bistability
  • Non-linear effects (harmonic generation and optical breakdown)
  • Detectors (photoemissive, semiconductor and thermal)
  • Transmission Media (optical fibers, atmosphere, sea water and system components)
  • Optical components
  • System considerations

This course is a mix of theory and technology with an emphasis on the latter which includes a discussion of the state-of-the-art of relevant topics.

Detailed topical outlines and a quote for training are available upon request.

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