Ionizing Radiation Safety Training Courses
X-Ray, Source & Accelerator Users

The ionizing radiation safety courses offered by High-Rez Diagnostics include, as a minimum, the topics for such training as stipulated by federal, state and local documents. Important topics from NCRP and other publications are presented and the results of the most recent Hiroshima/ Nagasaki survivors studies are also discussed. Dr. Hughes was the radiation physicist for 13 hospitals for several years and has assisted in the loading of a nuclear reactor. He thus has significant experience with a wide variety of x-ray equipment and nuclear sources/equipment. Dr. Hughes has provided ionizing radiation safety training classes for audiences nation-wide for the past 25 years and internationally for nine years.

Customized Training for:

  • Medical, industrial and academic ionizing radiation system/source users
  • Manufacturers of x-ray, nuclear systems/sources and accelerators
  • Users or manufacturers of x-ray and/or nuclear scientific instruments

Courses Designed to Meet:

  • Federal or state (for agreement states) requirements for ionizing radiation safety training
  • Facility-unique training requirements (corporate, DoD, DoE, etc.)

Abbreviated Listing of Topics:

  • X-ray systems and nuclear sources
  • Characteristics of ionizing radiation (electromagnetic vs. particle)
  • Interaction of ionizing radiation with biological tissue
  • Maximum permissible doses (origin and history of, by radiation type, whole-body vs. otherwise, radiation worker vs. general public, by exposure period, etc.)
  • Control measures
  • Required and recommended safety practices
  • Dose monitoring devices
  • Ancillary hazards
  • Medical surveillance

Detailed topical outlines and a quote for training are available upon request.

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